Aluminum Scaffolding Joker

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Aluminum Scaffolding Joker
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Aluminum Scaffolding professional JOKER.

The rolling tower Joker is practice, easy to handle and for quick mounting. It can be used for works up to a height of 4 metres and it is built rigorously according the legislations DPR 164/56.
The structure of the rolling tower is composed by rectangular uprights (mm 60x25) which are joined together with steps with a square section (mm 27x27) by a clinching system.
This particular model of rolling tower has lateral and diagonal braces and work surfaces (built in laminate of 12 mm with external profile in aluminum sector 50) with dimensions of 27 x 120 cm. Its feature allows to work with great safety (as in the picture)
The movement of the rolling tower is facilitated thanks to two wheels in PVC with the diameter of mm 100, while the stabilizer bar makes it even more safer the structure in the working position. All the final parts are covered by PVC plugs for a nicer finishing touch and a more pleasant design.
The rolling tower JOKER can be used (as you see in the picture below) also on irregular planes or stairs, thanks to the system of connection holes that are located on the side of the uprights from 60 x 25 mm.


Maximum height of work: 4,00 mt.
Platform width: 54 cm.
Uprights sizes: 60 x 25 mm.
Structural aluminum weight : 13,50 kg.
Steps sizes: 27 x 27 mm.
Floor weight : 5,50 kg.
Width structure: 60 cm.
Capacity : 120 kg.
Width base: 80 cm.
Not subject to regulations : HD 1004

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