Scaffolding steel Jolly 224

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Scaffolding steel Jolly 224
Scaffolding steel Jolly 224 measures
Scaffolding steel professional JOLLY 224.

The rolling tower JOLLY is practical, manageable, and ideal for all jobs which are present in the renovation of flats such as whitening and maintenance, both in the use “do yourself” and in the professional field.
Constructed of tubolar steel with a diameter of 32 mm, it is provided zinc plated and has a hardy plan in multilayer reinforced by a steel soldered framework.

Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be easily transported, stored and passed to any door.

The movement is facilitated by two wheels in PVC, while four rubber mounts at the base make it stable both in the working position and in the mounting of the same.


Total height: 224 cm .
Floor dimension: 138 x 44 cm.
Last step height: 174 cm.
Capacity: 120 kg.
Useful height work: 380 cm.
Weight : 28 kg.

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Portata massima: 150 Kg en131
Price: €100.00