Aluminum scaffolding Zeus

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Aluminum scaffolding Zeus
Aluminum scaffolding Zeus measures
Aluminum scaffolding professional ZEUS.

The aluminum scaffolding Zeus is small but solid; it is suitable for both internal and industrial uses and for business uses where it is necessary to work not over 3,2 meters.
The structure of the scaffolding Zeus is composed by rectangular uprights (mm 60 x25) joined together with steps with a square section (mm 27x27) and by a system of riveting.

This particular aluminum scaffolding has lateral and diagonal crosspieces placed at the sides of the uprights and a Finnish conifer plywood floor with profile in aluminum which ensures a greater capacity.
The movement of the scaffolding is facilitated thanks to two wheels in PVC and can pass through the doors without being removed.


Height structure: 1,820 mt.
Platform size : 0,435 x 1200 cm.
Height in accordance: 2,80 mt.
Aluminum structural weight: 5,50 kg.
Maximum working height: 3,20 mt.
Weight platform : 4,50 kg.
Uprights size: 60 x 25 mm.
Capacity : 150 kg.
Steps size: 27 x 27 mm.
Structure width: 50 cm.
Base width: 65 cm.
Not subject to regulations : HD 1004
Regulations : DPR 164/56

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Portata massima: 150 Kg en131
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